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Shine Joseph K


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Hi people,

This is Shine, from the garden city (Bangalore - Karnataka), born in an orthodox Christian family. As an initial segment of my introduction let me also bring out my profession and education. I work as an Executive Secretary and currently enrolled for MBA programme with IGNOU after graduating in Commerce.


I am a fun-loving, pious girl, rather religious. Love humorous people, reading novels, music, traveling, tripping and experimenting in computer. Singing is my passion, yet am an average singer. Seldom am on keyboard (a musical instrument) also. I even like making friends to exchange thoughts with them, learn and teach each other, as there is no end for this process in one's life.


Apparently, the purpose behind, launching a website is to get myself into the World Wide Web. 


I would like to share some of my recent trips to Bandipur National Park in Chamarajanagar District, and most excitingly the trekking done in Dandeli WLS in Dandeli.


The pristine nature is one that is admirable in all stage of evolution. However luxurious a man may leave, if he experience the nature once, he would be drawn towards it time and again. The wide spread greenery, flowing and ferocious water bodies, relaxable log-huts, hammock beckoning for lazing, esthetic flowers, invincible birds songs, in all has a very romantic feeling. I love this too.


If I point out some of my dislikes cooking will head in the list, followed by crowd, noise, huuum ?????





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Forest Dept.


Bunny Man


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Thank you for visiting this site.

Have a great day.